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We present this source book in sex education with the firm belief that sexual crimes, sexual exploitation, sexual ignorance, sexual dysfunctions and sexual diseases can all be prevented through sex education. Therefore, our motto for our sex education endeavour through this manual or through our numerous awareness programmes is, ‘EDUCATE TO ERADICATE’.

This contemporary sex education manual is the culmination of our extensive study, on-going research, and detailed interactions with thousands of people of both genders, all ages, various professions, and from different economic strata of society. We have counselled and educated people through our one-on-one counselling sessions, as well as through our training programmes and awareness workshops. Through our interactions we have realised, that so many problems that people face can be prevented through timely and scientifically accurate sex education.

Whether it is the scars of sexual molestation in the childhood or the angst of date rape, the turbulence while attaining puberty or the agony of gender bias, the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy or the horror of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or HIV. Or, whether it is the psychological impact of pornography, or the confusion and anxiety in teachers and parents regarding empowering children during this time and age when they are surrounded by incorrect, perverted and explicit sexual messages through internet and other media—the only way to address all these issues is value-based, age-appropriate and culture-specific sex education.

This manual endeavours to educate readers about the physiology and psychology of human sexuality. It also discusses social, behavioural, relational, emotional and even legal aspects of human sexuality. It is, therefore, a complete and holistic guide for sex educators who need a ready-reckoner to address all queries from curious children, teenagers as well as adults.

This manual is meant for the reference of adult sex-educators such as parents, teachers, doctors, counsellors, social workers etc., as well as for those adults and couples who seek to educate themselves. Great care has been taken to respect the sensibilities of all communities/groups/schools of thought in India and to make it culture-specific yet contemporary, without compromising on the scientific accuracy of the subject.

All pictures/diagrams in this manual have been used with responsibility and maturity, taking into account that people of all ages and different sections of society would be learning from them.

The scientific information in this manual has been compiled from numerous sources over three decades of study and research. During our study, there was no intention of publishing this manual hence, no record was kept of the various study sources. Therefore, while there is no individual acknowledgement or bibliography in this manual, we would like to humbly acknowledge the contribution of all those, whose published material and research papers have greatly added value to making this a complete source book. We have minutely scrutinised and taken great care to ensure the scientific accuracy and authenticity of all sources of information.

While we have taken every care possible in making this manual a scientifically accurate and sensitive one, we welcome suggestions from those who are equally passionate about helping create a sexually healthy, responsible and sensitive future generation.

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