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A Source Book for EVERY Parent, Teacher, Counsellor, Couple, Doctor and an aware adult for Value-based, Culture-Specific and Age-Appropriate Education in Human Sexuality



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The Complete Book of Sex Education is a complete Source Book for Value-based, Culture-Specific and Age-Appropriate Education in Human Sexuality. It is meant for the reference of adult sex-educators such as Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Counsellors, Social workers etc., as well as for those adult individuals and couples who seek to educate themselves.

This book endeavours to educate readers about the physiology and psychology of human sexuality. It also discusses social, behavioural, relational, emotional and even legal aspects of human sexuality. It is therefore, a complete and holistic guide for the adult community who need a ready-reckoner to address all queries from curious children, teenagers as well as adults.

Great care has been taken to respect the sensibilities of all communities/groups/schools of thought in India, and to make it culture-specific yet contemporary, without compromising on the scientific accuracy of the subject.


“We can no longer afford to sweep sex under the carpet and expect our children to ‘educate’ themselves. The several valuable guidelines in this book can help parents to confront sensitive sexual issues, understand them … and start a fresh dialogue with their kids”.

– Shobhaa De

Noted Author and Columnist

“Scientific yet simple, authentic yet not like a textbook, in a flowing, easy to understand language without being judgmental. I wish my teachers or at least I had a book like this while I was growing up. It is meant for everyone and not only academicians or professionals. Especially a must-read for all parents and adolescents”.

– Padmashree Dr. Mohan Agashe, M.D.(Psychiatry), D.P.M.

Founding Director – Professor, Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health

Former Director General of the Film and Television Institute of India

Advisor to the Government of Maharastra on Mental Health Education and Service


“This book is not about sex. It is about the science behind sex, from the psychology to physiology, and manages to cover everything under the sun in a lucid, logical and extremely sensitive way, striking a fine balance between the scientific and social aspects of this issue, while stressing on values and ethical behavior. This book busts the myths and misconceptions of the adolescents to the aged, and has been a valuable learning experience for me in particular, and I congratulate the authors”.

– Dr. Snehalata Deshmukh, M.S., F.R.C.S.

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai,

Eminent Paediatric Surgeon and Dhanwantri Award winner



“The writing is simple, clear and honest, the format a systematic unfolding of a subject difficult to handle at the best of times. Everyone needs to pick up this book, written for India and Indians, retaining a proper scientific approach while keeping in mind our culture and our values. After you pick it up, read it, discuss it and apply it. Each one of us needs to arm ourselves with the information required to warn our children of the pitfalls of living in an exaggeratedly sexual world”.

– Carol Andrade

Senior Journalist, Editor, Afternoon Despatch and Courier

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